Reny M fashion house recruits for school

 The house offers fashion courses on

  1. sewing school
  2. handmade school
  3. style school

Reny M collections combine tradition and modernity, their own signature, which the House always adheres to with the introduction of luxury and fantasy. Perfection and precision are also what Renata Moysh strives to realize at all stages of the creation of art of all copies. Each thing is the result of a long architectural mastery of a glamorous image.

A new direction of our house

This is a school where everyone can learn our secrets of the fashion world. From handicraft courses to the ability to present yourself in different life situations. How to always stay on top - not forgetting that you are a woman?

Our mission

Strengthen the brand image, make it individual and recognizable around the world and at the same time give customers the best. Teach them to be happy and shine with us. Production lines and services:

  • High fashion
  • Everyday clothes
  • Wedding dress
  • Tailoring school
  • Handmade school
  • School of style

All this work under the careful control of Renata Moysh - creativity, thousands of hours of work of employees on art, hundreds of sleepless nights with thoughts, work on promotion, work with the collection, which is polished by each specialist. The product of perfect radiance tries to come out into the world.

Our advantages