Reny M was founded in 2017 in Zakarpattia, Ukraine.

Renata Moysh grew up in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Since childhood, she is a dreamer - an empire of beauty and brilliant fantasies. She started painting dresses at the age of five. Even then, having a basket with threads and pieces of materials, she created a dress and various outfits for her Barbie.

With all this, the parents gave education in the business direction. They thought that studying to be a designer for a girl was not prestigious. Since childhood, on all holidays, Renata did not want to dress in ready-made store bows. And all asked my mother to go choose fabrics and sew in the studio.

During her student years, in her second year, on her birthday, she gave herself a sewing machine and started sewing things. This is how the stage of beauty creation began. We quote: "… I remember that dress I sewed, it was with sequins: white and black. I wore it at one wedding and no one believed that I created it… ». My mother was shocked, but then tried it more than once.

Short biography

2016. Renata Moish, having visited Lebanon for a meeting with haute couture designers, realized that she had to return home and start realizing her old, childish dream – to implement those small, doll–like dresses.

2017. She presents her first private collection from Haute Couture for the first time during local FASHION WEEK. After that, she decided to register her brand.

  • -Creation of house of fashion Reny M. Trademark registration
  • -Presentation of her brand in Kyiv
  • -Instagram platform @renymofficial, @renym__world

2018. Renata launched her first evening collection, Ready-to-Wear, which is designed to meet the growing needs of her customers. It is more straightforward but just as aesthetically pleasing and glamorous.

  • -Creation of the website
  • -Bucharest Fashion Week show
  • - Prague Fashion Week Show
  • -Oman Fashion Convention show
  • -Presentation of the brand at the Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE

2019. She released the first small but exquisite collection of wedding dresses – Bridal. All these years, under the auspices of a fashion consultant, she has participated in many foreign shows and exhibitions and has made good progress in this direction.

  • -Opening house of fashion Reny M in Uzhhorod, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

2021. -Expo 2020 Dubai – presentation of the collection in Dubai in the Ukrainian pavilion of art products, a combination of Ukrainian-Arab culture.

  • -Timisoara Fashion Week
  • -Chain development in Romania, Ukraine, and the USA
  • -Creating a platform for Ukrainian brands
  • -Creating a school of style

2022. -Presentation of the brand in glossy magazines. Participation in the European Fashion passport in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2023. -Registered trademark “Rozpisanka” – ethnic clothing

  • -Expo Milano Fiera – presentation of own collection of painted fabrics
  • -House of fashion Reny M participated in 17 charity auctions
  • -Cannes Film Festival – presentation of Reny M’s collection at the Cannes Film Festival – images on influencers and stars.
  • Big Tour in the USA - Rozpisanok collections will be shown in the following cities - Philadelphia, Clifton (New Jersey), Ramsey (New Jersey), Palm Coast (Florida), Deland (Florida), Cooper City (Florida), Sarasota (Florida), Naples (Florida), Saint Petersburg (Florida), Miami (Florida), San Diego (California), Sacramento (California), San Francisco (California), Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan), Rochester (New York)